Harness Lead is designed to be used as a gentle walking tool by utilizing a dog's own pressure against the leash to encourage and remind him to slow down his pace.

It's also a great alternative to clumsy harnesses when you're trying to get your dog in and out of the agility ring, car, or in situations where a newly rescued dog is becoming acclimated with it's new family. The Harness Lead is perfect for the "Houdini dog" who can find its way out of other harnesses.

The Harness Lead is fully adjustable, soft and pliable -- perfect for any breed! Once you fit it to the dog the first time, you're ready to go!

S/M: Best for 14 – 40 lbs (can fit smaller than 14 lbs; will fit, but looks best on 14 and up)
3/8" Nylon
Length is approx. 6' (from back to handle) on a 25/30 lb dog
M/L: Best for 40 – 200+ lbs (can go smaller than 40 lbs, but will have long leash)
7/16" Nylon
Length is approx. 6' (from back to handle) on 60 – 70lb dog

Harness Lead is NOT to be used to tie dog out or in situations where negative reinforcement is being used.

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