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Dog Rocks are a natural and safe way to eliminate pet urine patches from your lawn!

How do Dog Rocks work?

Dog urine can often contain high levels of nitrogen compound, and it’s too much nitrogen that causes those unsightly yellow burn patches on your lawn. However, appropriate levels of nitrogen can actually be beneficial to your grass, which is why you will often see thick green grass around the yellow marks, and why some fertilizers contain nitrogen too. When high level of impurities, such as nitrogen, amonia and tin are passed out through your dog’s urine and then come into contact with your grass, it results in those yellow burn marks — Dog Rocks work by removing these impurities, resulting in a lush green lawn!

Are Dog Rocks safe?

Yes! Dog Rocks are 100% natural and will not change the pH of your dog’s urine. The product was researched for four years before going on the market and now used by dog owners worldwide. All rocks are sourced from a reputable quarry in Australia and packaged in recyclable bags. Dog Rocks will provide your pets with a cleaner source of water, while eliminating burn patches from the grass. The rocks are safe for all animals so can be used where dogs, cats and other pets drink from the same water bowl.Dog Rocks should be replaced once every two months to ensure maximum effect, with an entire packet of rocks being used for each water bowl your dog(s) drink from.

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