Instead of stretching out a beef bladder into a stick, we did something a little different and stretched out this beef bladder into a flat, round disc shape.

Recommended for dogs of all life stages, over 15 lbs.

A long lasting chew for small to medium sized dogs, a moderately lasting chew for large dogs.

This is an extremely palatable treat, even the most finicky of dogs won’t be able to resist tremenda chews! There’s a little bit of odor associated with this product, but that’s the reason why dogs are so attracted to this chew. Tremenda chews are easily digestible, especially when compared to something like rawhide. The broad shape makes it ideal for dogs who tend to gulp large treats whole.

Ingredients: Beef bladder

Country of Origin: Brazil

Guaranteed Analysis:

Fat 7.35%
Crude protein 73.64%
Crude fiber 1.1% max
Moisture 10.86% 3.5 kcal/g

Qty available: 1