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Chillybuddy Dog Cooling Jacket
  • Chillybuddy Dog Cooling Jacket
Chillybuddy Dog Cooling Jacket - is currently out of stock, but we can still get it for you! Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

The Chillybuddy Dog Cooling Jacket is a light-weight mesh cooling jacket, scientifically designed to help keep a dog cool in hot weather. The outer layer is a woven synthetic fabric used to reflect the sun's rays, while the lining is a cotton mesh to aid in cooling when wet. The jacket can be worn wet or dry. We recommend wetting the jacket in weather over 80 degrees to allow the lining to pull the heat away from the dog. The jacket moves with the dog and allows free shoulder movement...perfect for the active dog!

Trim Colors: Red, Lt. Blue

Returns/Exchanges: We will accept returns/exchanges on sizing as long as the Chillybuddy Dog Cooling Jacket has not been wet or worn for a period of time.

Sizing/Order: Please call if you need help sizing your dog.* Measure from the collar along the spine to the base of the tail, the girth (behind the front legs) and the neck size.

*Dogs measuring between two sizes can opt one size up/down or order a custom jacket for an additional $10 charge. Please call for special orders and have measurements ready.

Neck Back Length Girth
Super Petite 7-11" 9" 10-16"
Petitie 11-15" 13" 16-20"
XS 12-15" 16" 18-22"
SM 15-18" 19" 22-24"
M 17-20" 21" 22-29"
LG 24 21-25" 24" 24-31"
LG 27 21-25" 27" 24-31"
XL 26-29" 31" 26-34"
XXL 27-30" 33" 33-39"