This is a 12” length of a whole beef tail, which includes the vertebrae and all surrounding tissue. The small rounded vertebrae will not splinter into sharp pieces due to its shape (compared to something like a long rib bone).

12” beef tail is recommended for large dogs over 30 lbs.

The skin and muscle tissue on this tail is chewy and the inner vertebrae are hard and crunchy. It can be a long lasting chew for smaller dogs, and moderate for medium to large dogs.

This chew is meant for supplemental feeding and not intended to replace a part of a dog’s regular diet.

Ingredients: 100% beef tail.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude protein 69.30%
Crude fat 8.31%
Moisture 6.81%
Crude Ash 15.58%
Calorie Content (calculated) 3.56 Kcal ME/g

Qty available: 85