DuffyAbel Pet Supply was founded by Lindsay Abel in an effort to find high-quality products for the active pet owner. From personal experience, we know pet people love to shop...a lot. But it's difficult to find new and unique products in the big box stores. Our goal is to bring these products to you, through our website and at dog shows and performance trials on the east coast.

Lindsay Abel has been competing in dog agility since 2002 with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Duffy. At 14, Duffy is enjoying retirement from agility, having earned his MXP and MFP in AKC. Duffy is a highly driven dog who needs a job...preferably ball-chasing. He is our Chief Product Tester. If Duffy doesn't approve, we don't sell the product. Update: Sadly, we lost Duffy to the Rainbow Bridge on June 16, 2016 at the grand old age of 14 1/2. He is terribly missed.

Bogey, an 14 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, is our resident couch potato. As the Abel Pet Supervisor, he makes sure the website is getting updated and that his dinner arrives precisely at 5:00. Update: Bogey fought a valiant battle with Renal Failure beginning in March of 2019. We did everything we could for him, but on July 7, 2019, he told us he had had enough and we let him go. He's been the hardest dog to lose so far. He had the sweetest, kindest heart and nearly a year later, I still have a hard time talking about our loss.

DivotDivot joined the Abel Pet Supply team in September 2007. He's the Assistant to the Chief Product Tester. When he's not proving that there isn't a toy on this planet he can't destroy, he's tearing around the agility ring. Divot got his first AKC title on 4/19/09 in New Jersey, earning his Novice Jumpers (NAJ). Divot's title earned daddy Yoda his Reward of Merit Bronze (ROMb), which is a BIG deal for any breeder. He is currently Divot AX MXJ OF SJ1 (USDAA).

In 2012 added a FOURTH member to the Abel Pet Supply canine team! Sometimes things were just meant to be. While vending at the Y2K9's Holiday Barketplace, we met "Tabitha," a black Lab/Boxer mix puppy visiting from Almost Home Dog Rescue. It was love at first sight. A week later, Tabitha, now named Brooklyn (Brook), joined Abel Pet Supply. She's a squeaker expert and will help us find the best squeaky toys for the most active pups! In November 2014, Brooklyn was the $10,000 winner on America's Funniest Home Videos!