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Coolaid Canine Icing Wraps have a variety of uses. Wraps can be either used as a cooling collar or for areas with inflammation, arthritis or post-operative procedures. For ultimate cooling, wet wraps, wring the excess water and place in the freezer for approximately 30-45 minutes, if the wrap is left in the freezer past the recommended time, place wrap in an airtight bag to prevent evaporation. If a freezer is not available, simply soak in ice and water and repeat if more cooling is needed. Coolaid wraps are also great for humans!!!

  • If an area has been shave for surgical procedures or for diagnosis, utilize some type of protective layer between the wrap and the skin. Always check with your veterinarian or your healthcare professional for recommend icing times.
  • Always apply a protective layer between the wrap and application area, especially if the area has been shaved      
  • Always introduce new products to your athlete slowly.  We recommend placing the products on dry for several minutes and allow them to move about.

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