The Viper Biothane 10' Lead is created from a high-quality Biothane waterproof coated webbing. Biothane has a flexible substrate core that is bonded with a durable waterproof coating for protection. It is durable, cleanable, and has proven durability in applications where safety, cleanability, flexibility, and strength are crucial. This robust webbed dog lead is specially coated to emerge from even the swampiest environments, dry and smell-free, without loss of flexibility. Viper Biothane Leads will not get stiff during extreme cold and will not melt during extreme heat. Solid brass hardware will not rust.

This lead is perfect for nose work/scent work.

Made in the USA.


Size: 10'x1/2"and 10'x3/8"

Snap: Solid Brass, 3"

Qty available: 3