The PawsPocket™ Rabbit Fur lotus ball not only does it hold a treat but is covered on the outside with rabbit fur, making a a very high reward for even the pickiest of dogs!

As you may know rabbit fur is not the strongest material but drives most dogs nuts meaning they will do almost anything to get there paws on this Rabbit covered PawsPocket™ Rabbit Fur! The fur pelt has been sewn onto the already well established PawsPocket™ material meaning if they do pluck the fur off it still has the lasting fabric behind the fur!

PawsPocket™ Rabbit Fur lotus balls are a treat dispensing toy. Designed for treat to be placed in the center and used as a self rewarding treat/toy/training aid. They're instrumental in helping increase a dog's toy drive. They're also beneficial as a training aid to help your dog gain more drive and motivation or even to bring them back down to earth and get their brain engaged.

The PawsPocket™ holds a treat or multiple treats by three "petals" that are held together with VELCRO®. This can be made easy or hard for the dog to open depending on how tight you close the petals. This makes a great training aid for sending your dog away or a target.


  • Mini 3" closed, 5" open
  • Small 4" closed, 5.5" open
  • Please note these are approximates as this is a hand made toy and these measurements have been taken on an average

Please note fabric may vary slightly in texture and/or color to what's pictured as it is natural rabbit pelt.

This is a training toy and not intended to be left unattended with your dog.

Cleaning Instructions: This is a delicate fur pelt and machine washing is not recommended. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt and saliva. Allow the PawsPocket Rabbit Fur to air dry and brush gently with a slicker brush.

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